Support in saving lives


I am having a difficult time trying to figure out why Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins would support a bill such as S1955.

People of Maine have worked extremely hard to gain coverage in their insurance plans to prepare for the time when illness is mostly likely to affect them, so it is hard to understand why they now would vote to take away programs of prevention and early detection that would be both cost effective and lifesaving to the residents of Maine.

I am disappointed by their cloture vote on S1955. If that bill had passed, it would have been a huge setback for our nation’s fight against cancer and other diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. The lives of real people are saved by these screenings and treatments that we managed to protect by defeating the cloture motion.

As a volunteer for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I hope that in the future we can count on their support for efforts that will help us eradicate this terrible disease. From increased funding for cancer research to reauthorizing the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, I hope they will once again join us in supporting initiatives that help reduce death and suffering from cancer.

Diane Mitchell, Rumford