Supporting parasites


My husband and I just finished paying our taxes for the year. I wonder who the beneficiary of our hard-earned money will be?

Our taxes go up every year, even though we are both retired now.

We have been married for 50 years and worked hard all our lives. We never received food stamps, rent rebates, MaineCare or huge tax refunds (earned-income credit) that we didn’t pay into. We never received, asked for or wanted help from the government.

We always carried insurance for the family. We always paid our bills. We struggled at times in order to do this, but we managed.

I find it offensive that we are now expected to pay for those who refuse to or prefer not to work. I find it inexcusable that some refuse to pay for insurance to cover their family because they say they cannot afford it, but drive new cars and buy ATVs, big-screen TVs, cell phones and all the rest.

Maybe they just need to get their priorities straight and stop expecting someone else to support them.


I just don’t understand the mentality of these “you owe me,” “I’m entitled” parasites.

Mary Jane Newell, South Paris