Don’t suppress our freedom


This letter is in response to Matthew Bray, chairman of the College Republicans at UMF (March 30).

While Bray equates the reading of dead soldiers names as “political propaganda,” one must remember that freedom of speech is a right here in America, while in the “democracies” of Iraq and, particularly, Afghanistan, you could be sentenced to death for converting to Christianity.

While the Brays, Newells and Klucks of these opinion pages seem to be bent on silencing the views of whom they disagree, we protesters will be judged in history, no doubt very kindly. This war was a mistake. A mistake not worth thousands of American and Iraqi lives. A mistake not worth the loss of prominence and respect in the world. A mistake certainly not worth the hundreds of billions of unchecked, mismanaged dollars into the hands of corrupt war profiteers with close ties (and often an active role in our government).

Our armed forces are currently in the midst of a recruiting crisis. If Mr. Bray and other young supporters of this war really wanted to “support our troops,” then they would join them in military service rather than attacking people’s right to dissent.

Daniel Coulombe, Lewiston