‘Swift-boat’ attack on natives


I write in response to Steve McCarron’s letter of April 18 condemning the Sun Journal for publishing an editorial cartoon depicting two Native Americans saying they know how to solve the immigration problem: “Send ’em all home!”

That wasn’t the only cartoon that made a good point and got people to think about nativist, if not racist, attitudes. The current issue of Time magazine shows Indians bringing Pilgrims a turkey, saying, “They won’t learn the language. They’re not assimilating. They don’t look like us. I say – put em back on the Mayflower!” And another, using an ancient photo of a native orator flanked with two others holding rifles that says, “Homeland Security, Fighting Terrorism since 1492.”

Cartoons such as those are not scientifically exact. The cartoonists (and the rest of us) know that nobody wants to load all white Americans onto rafts, boats, barges, planes, etc., and expel them from North America. What foolishness to purport that.

No, the readers are forced to see truths that might comfortably be forgotten or denied.

McCarron’s claim that American Indians are not native, indigenous peoples, but “immigrants themselves,” is a ludicrous, Swift-boat type of attack, an insult distorting all truth and reason. Science, archaeology and history show that American Indians have been here for up to 30,000 years. Some “immigrants”! Really.

He seems to be trying to “Swift-boat” truth and reality in his attack, and for what purpose, we can only unhappily imagine.

Peter A. Lenz, Norway