No sympathy for sex offenders


The answer to the debate on whether to take the sex offender Web site off is: no!

Being a mother of three children, I feel that I have the right to know if there is a sex offender living in my neighborhood. I want my children to be safe when they are outside playing. Their rights and safety come first before those who prey on them.

I know of two men who are on the Maine Sex Offender Registry. Both of these men have been convicted of molesting young children and one has a brother who lives in another state who has molested his own child and now serving time in jail.

On April 19, a Sun Journal editorial stated “the registry causes pain and hardship for those who must register.” I have to admit, I have no sympathy. It makes me sick to think that these child molesters actually have rights left! Their “pain and hardship” does not compare to the pain and hardship they have caused to their victims and the victims’ family.

Jeannine Poulin, Greene