T. Carter: Bullying won’t work


Gov. Paul LePage doesn’t seem capable of learning from mistakes.

Last year, he was chastised by Republican legislators for his crass criticisms of their efforts. He is back at it again, insulting highly qualified and respected Reps. Patrick Flood and Peggy Rotundo.

Members of the Appropriations Committee were also insulted after all of their hard work.

When will this governor realize he is no longer a CEO? He is a governor who was elected to serve all of the people. He needs to work with the Legislature, not try to bully it.

The whole last outburst raises questions. Was the large error in the dollars needed to fund the Department of Health and Human Services less than accidental? It certainly helped LePage’s efforts in two areas.

The first helped passage of an ill-advised tax cut that benefits the wealthy the most. Maybe he is afraid it might be repealed to help balance the budget.

The second, it now appears, is to weaken social service programs.

The cuts LePage is proposing may lead to confrontation with the federal government. Even though it could be costly and harmful, he might (judging from his past confrontational remarks) welcome that, also.

Timothy A. Carter, Bethel