T. Carter: Something to keep in mind


I was once asked to define what Democrats stand for. I replied Democrats promoted a government that helps all the people. They believe in a government that provides equal opportunities for all and that government can help accomplish. The Democrats created and have protected Social Security and Medicare.

The Republicans believe that the marketplace can solve everything. They promote the government as the problem and feel that programs, other than defense, that don’t benefit the rich should be eliminated or curtailed. Supply side, trickle down economics and unprogressive taxation is their mater. Under those policies, there has been a shift in wealth in this country from a 40/60 split to 1 percent controlling 90 percent. Republicans oppose national health care, claiming it is inferior. Statistics prove that wrong. Republican policies hurt this nation.

When people vote, they should keep those facts in mind. Republicans favor the rich; Democrats help everyone.

Timothy Carter, Bethel