T. Jackson: Making Maine a better place


Voters in Senate District 18 have an opportunity to elect a regular person instead of a politician to serve them.

John Patrick is a lifelong resident of western Maine, a mill worker and a friend to Maine’s working families. I have watched him fight for middle class ideals in Augusta. When special interest groups and lobbyists have tried to pull fast ones on Maine’s people, he has been there to call them out and pressure Democrats and Republicans to do what is right.

He opposes a system that is stacked against the middle class and he understands that his duty is to make Maine a better place to live and raise a family.

He sets a standard that the rest of his colleagues strive for — thinking about their constituents instead of themselves and their careers.

I am pleased to endorse John Patrick for election on Nov. 4 .

Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, Allagash