T. Muller: Voters have a choice


Like Paul LePage, I grew up with people who believed in honest work. Handouts lasted until people found a job. Government didn’t transfer wealth from taxpayers to crony capitalists or people unwilling to work.

The War on Poverty corrupted those values. Welfare recipients want the dole, not the job. Politicians buy votes with government handouts. Struggling to support the welfare state, honest workers move away to escape taxes. Workers chose unemployment and welfare over job retraining. A growing welfare state will eventually collapse.

Before becoming governor, LePage worked in Maine businesses. As governor, he spent the taxpayers’ money on workers and jobs. His opponents are a union worker and a corporate lawyer. Neither ever managed a small business.

People who want to live on individual or corporate welfare should vote for them.

Those who believe in honest work, should vote for Paul LePage.

Thomas Muller, Poland Spring