TABOR makes sense for Maine


Taxpayers will unite to support the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. TABOR will limit spending so it does not increase faster than we can afford it. It says all levels of government cannot continue raising taxes without voters’ approval.

What could be more American than that?

I attended the Legislature’s public hearing on TABOR on March 30. More than 40 volunteers who had gathered signatures to support TABOR were there, along with the lobbyists who are against tax control. Those lobbyists are almost always the groups that get money from our tax dollars. These include the teacher unions and the Maine Municipal Association. MMA in this state also stands for “More Money Always.”

I was surprised and impressed by the questions from legislators on the Taxation Committee. I am surprised they have not figured a way to make a law to have TABOR-type tax control on their own.

As an example of what the Legislature can do, look at LD 1.

The Legislature and our governor’s answer to the citizens’ referendum for 55 percent school funding was LD 1. Because of this law, the Lewiston schools will receive an additional $2 million this year. Guess what? The school department plans to spend it all. The state will provide Auburn schools $l.6 million more than last year. So far, Auburn is not recommending any money be returned to taxpayers.

The intent of LD 1 was to reduce property taxes, but taxpayers lose again.

The TABOR court battle is not over.

Roger Knowlton, Poland