TABOR must be Maine’s future


As a young person, I see hope for Maine’s future. The secretary of state has approved the 50,000-plus signatures to put the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) on the ballot, and taxpayers will be given the opportunity this November to decide whether TABOR should be put into law. I am confident that voters will finally expose the reckless Democratic-controlled state government and demand it rein in state spending and curb excessive taxation.

With TABOR’s passage, it will be a great day for Maine. The passage of TABOR will significantly benefit Maine’s economy: it would maintain spending at the school district, municipal, county and state levels to the rate of inflation-plus-population growth; and it would establish greater government accountability, requiring spending or tax increases to get a two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature.

In addition, Maine voters would get to approve these increases. We would be guaranteed a say in how we are taxed. What is there not to like about that?

Maine is the most heavily taxed and least business-friendly state in the country!

Young people are leaving Maine month after month, year after year because we can’t afford to live here. I cannot wait for Nov. 7, the day when I hope Maine will pass TABOR. It will refresh our economy and it will endow us with a new hope for the future of our state.

Brent Bowen, Lewiston