Take an hour to honor them


Many Americans take for granted the freedoms that all Americans enjoy. Those freedoms were paid for by generations of our ancestors who gave their lives so that we might enjoy those freedoms.

Recognition of Memorial Day has been lost by many of our present generation. The date was changed to create a three-day weekend, which undermined the very meaning of Memorial Day to become simply another day off from work.

Memorial Day is set aside to remember the sacrifices that our veterans have made. Honoring veterans should be regarded as a sacred duty. In honoring this nation’s war dead, we preserve their service and sacrifice in the minds of future generations.

Let us not forget the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice – giving one’s own life for his or her country.

Attending commemorative ceremonies is the most visible way of demonstrating remembrance. That includes placing flags at grave sites, marching in parades, sponsoring patriotic programs and dedicating memorials. Whether done individually or collectively, it is the thought that counts.

On May 27, the Lewiston and Auburn Veterans Council is sponsoring a memorial parade. It is our hope to see thousands of Twin City residents sacrifice an hour of their time, Saturday morning, to watch; a sacrifice of one hour to honor those who gave their lives for us. There will be other memorial services on Memorial Day.

Armand Bussiere, Durham