Take a look at the budgets


On May 27, residents of Dixfield will have the opportunity to lower their property tax bills.

Each year, a small group of people attend the town meeting to discuss the budget needed for the town to operate. Each year, we hear from elected officials that the numbers presented are “bare bones” budgets.

I realize that state government mandates a lot of the budget; however, each year each department manages to get regular and consistent upgrades. All of this spending is done without using any money from the respective department’s operating accounts.

We do need reliable equipment to serve the townspeople, but could some of this older equipment have been repaired rather than replaced? Maybe we need to look at how this equipment is being used and maintained so it will serve longer. After all, most of us would love to have a new vehicle but have settled with some repair bills and the old car for another year.

The Dixfield town manager told me the information that will be voted upon at the town meeting will be made available to the public two weeks prior to the meeting. I urge all of the taxpayers of Dixfield to pick up a copy of those budgets, including department breakdowns (with fine print), and to read the information prior to the town meeting to be sure they know what they are voting for. I believe the information will be available at the town office or by contacting the town manager.

Michael Hebert, Dixfield