Take a moment to say ‘thanks’


National Teacher Day, May 8, is an opportunity for parents, students and community leaders to recognize the efforts of those individuals who provide a quality education for our youth.

Educational expectations have changed greatly since many of us attended a K-12 school. Individuals returning four years later to complete student teaching remark how classroom requirements and teaching methods are different. Technology is used daily for such things as research, word processing, review of skills, study guides and communicating with parents and teachers. Teachers are attending classes to learn how to use this technology. Many hours are spent each weekend, school break, and summer developing lesson plans to incorporate the use of Web sites and computer-generated products. School district Web sites allow students and parents access to a teacher’s Web page for assignments and information. E-mail has made it easier for communication between student, parent and teacher.

National Nurses Day is May 9. Our schools are fortunate to have caring individuals who are available when our children are ill or in need of reassurance of their health situation. Schools rely on nurses to connect with parents when their child desires to go home due to sickness or when there is a health concern.

Every one of us knows many dedicated educators and nurses. We should each take five minutes to send a note, a postcard, or an e-mail message expressing our appreciation to those individuals who provide the skills and support necessary for our children to become healthy, productive, well-educated adults.

Susan Grondon, Lewiston