Take the trash plan to the dump


I am a Lewiston resident and property owner and I am writing in regard to the proposed “pay-as-you-throw” trash program being considered by Lewiston’s city leaders.

The city administrator has stated that revenue generated by the program would allow the city to grant a property tax reduction to taxpayers. Even with this reduction, the yearly costs for discarding my trash in this program would still exceed my current cost of discarding trash when purchasing bags at a local supermarket.

In addition to the initial costs associated with PAYT , there is a good possibility that bag fees will increase over time.

In June, the Portland City Council approved a 35 percent increase in bag fees for the program in that city.

Besides the costs, there can be unintended consequences when adopting a PAYT program.

Presque Isle has seen a dramatic increase in roadside littering and more wildlife lured to roadsides.


I say, dump the trash plan.

David Bernier, Lewiston