Take out the trash


Hang the editor, that was just my first impression. Who in the name of journalism decided that family diners turning into strip joints at night was front page news?

Does the Sun Journal need to scrape the bottom that far down to give that kind of immorality free front page advertising?

Who are you trying to reach with your newspaper?

Is this a “current event” that you expect schoolkids to read or take to school the next day?

I’m embarrassed by your publication. I turned in my subscription to your paper long ago (so you probably don’t care about people like me) but continued to get the Sunday product at the store to get coupons.

I’ve seen stupid articles inside the Sun Journal before, but to deliberately put trash on the front page reflects upon the editor’s personal character — or lack of it.

So please, just in case this is a blatant move to reach a different level of society thinking to create your own “stimulus package,” you can count me out.

Someday you will regret that you forgot to edit the trash from your paper, or you’ll just lose all the families who actually want to read about real news. I repeat: news.

Candy Swihart, Buckfield