Taking all the guns?


School shooting … take the guns and it will never happen again? You’ll never get them all. The insane will not give them up, but neither will the criminals or terrorists. Schools? Not safer. Some law-abiding people will be criminalized and you might just unleash a civil war.

On Oct. 29, 2009, a group including myself met with David Farmer, the deputy chief of staff for Gov. John Baldacci, to convince him that our schools are in grave danger, not just from lone gunmen as in Florida recently or others, but also from organized terrorists like those in Beslan, Russia, in 2004, where they lost 334 kids and teachers to guns, bombs and horrendous mayhem. Farmer seemed visibly unimpressed and, what’s worse, is that nothing appears to have changed in Maine since.

If we ban guns?

• Some law-abiding gun owners will resist/revolt. People will die.


• Costs of search and confiscation — staggering.

• We’ll be a country of slaves (think Nazi Germany, Russia under Stalin. North Korea? Oh sure).

• Evil criminals and terrorists with a defenseless population for prey (think Chicago and D.C. statistics).

• School shootings will escalate. What’s to stop them?

Solution? Harden the security for our precious children. Never 100 percent safe in a free society but so much safer. We proposed armed guards and serious tactics to Farmer in 2009. He was contrary.

Guns will immediately counter guns. Will we do it? I hope so, but not with current leadership from the left.

Jared Bristol, Hebron

  • CruiserSailor

    There was an armed security guard and three Broward County Deputy Sheriffs all “properly trained” hiding outside behind a cruiser while the killing of 17 people was in progress. Perhaps if this crazed individual didn’t have a high powered .223 caliber, semi-automatic assault weapon with multiple high capacity clips all those “properly trained” cops would have mustered up the courage to attack. Can you please tell me how you can judge who will be brave enough to act? Arming teachers is lunacy! (from a previous comment)

    • RegMainer

      Virtually every cop in this country since Columbine has a ballistic vest and AR-15 in his trunk. Since Columbine the strategy has been for the first cop on scene to find and engage the shooter, with or without back-up. They failed. Period. They left those people sitting ducks, thus reinforcing the need for the right of the people to arm themselves. You cannot count on the police to protect you, nor should you.

    • FrankE

      It’s always the easy decision to make when sitting in your easy chair in front of a crackling fireplace. Sure if you have a gun, your invincible.
      What most people fail to consider is the human fear factor and human nature. Like just about anything, human nature can be altered by constant repetitive training and conditioning. This is what allows police officers the confidence to confront an active gunman. With out that extensive training, fear and panic WILL overcome the average persons thought process. They become distracted and will most likely fire a gun into a floor or ceiling. I’m not saying this to belittle anyone. This is why they always warn against trying to be a hero. Until we have a better method of fighting these criminals we need to make due with protecting the victims in the safest manor possible. That would include active shooter training exercises and repeated hiding and safety techniques. Allowing law enforcement to intervene sooner in a case of someone acting in a strange or violent manner might just catch a few of these individuals before they strike. Until we change the laws, this won’t occur.

  • FrankE

    Common sense gun laws are what we need the most. If you outright ban something in this country you immediately create a new market for it, consider prohibition? The same happens every time abolishing assault rifles makes the news, stores sell out of them immediately every time. Banning guns worked to a certain degree in Australia because of the totally different culture. In this country, very strict background checks, accurate reporting of violent crime offenders so that back ground checks even work, and good old fashioned observation, will go a long ways toward helping the situation.
    At this point in time, we’re not going to end the lone wolf attacker or the mentally deranged terrorist. Preparedness such as active shooter drills, and lock down practices are of utmost importance. I believe that a teacher locking a large number of students in a safe location because they have been conditioned to react that way will save way more lives than trying to teach a bunch of teachers battlefield techniques…………………….

  • Paul S

    As long as you have gun free zones these occurrences will continue to occur. Every time the government and the media push for adjusting or removing second amendment rights gun sales go through the roof for fear the left will succeed. Hopefully someone will report gun sales in February and March 2017 versus the same period in 2018. We are not enforcing the gun laws we currently have. There are already conspiracy theories that the FBI is allowing these occurrences to take place further the agenda to do away with the second amendment. How many warnings were given to the Feds, State and local law enforcement on the shooter and they have no legitimate response for this terrible tragedy.