Taking drastic measures


A major calamity is about to hit every taxpayer in Minot, Poland and Mechanic Falls. If what I hear is true, it appears that teachers in RSU16 will refuse to open their contract, which will add $400,000 beyond the present budget as presented.

While such action is within their rights under normal circumstances, it is within the rights of the people to take drastic measures during drastic times. Unemployment nationally is hovering around 10 percent and, in Maine, about 8.8 percent. Add the people who are so discouraged they have stopped looking and those figures would be 18 percent and 12.6 percent, respectively.

Many parents of those teachers’ students are struggling to put food on the table, as many of their households are down to one breadwinner now.

The arrogance of the teachers leads to a solution that has been reluctantly used in several communities across the country. I hope somebody has the gumption to suggest that we fire all of the teachers and rehire from scratch. That suggestion comes reluctantly, but we are up against a wall.

Ollie Emery, Mechanic Falls

Member, Mechanic Falls Budget Committee