Taking fiscal responsibility


As an employee of Central Maine Medical Center, I am proud to work for a company that takes fiscal responsibility for its actions. It seems to me that unlike other big Maine hospitals that build buildings and then lay off employees to pay for it, our construction project has been needed for many years but the management and board of directors has made sure that the money and a plan to keep it funded is in place before they begin it.

That seems like a smart plan to me.

Another frustration for me is: When did it become wrong to expect payment for services rendered? If I went to the grocery store and then started negotiating the price of food and then not paying for years, what would that be called? Oh, yes — that is called theft of services and I would go to jail. What makes the state of Maine immune to the law of the land?

It is fashionable for people to blame those who budget and plan ahead, but as an employee for almost 20 years, I have seen the processes put in place to help keep the hospital afloat and thrive.

To those who would trash CMH management and board of directors, I would like to see our management team run the government of Maine. Belts would be tightened but the ship of government would be afloat, rather than drowning in debt as it is now.

Wendy Abbott, R.N., Auburn