Talk of the town


Bigfoot in Leeds

I’ve got a whole bunch of thoughts on this, a few involving a girl I used to date from there. However, every time I take a shot at Leeds, death threats follow and I have to spend a few months in the bunker. I’ll sit this one out.

How to clean an egg

Or how NOT to clean an egg. This tip came in over the weekend after we quoted a woman who routinely cleans barnyard eggs with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 

I enjoyed your article in the Sunday paper. However, a red flag went up when you said people use a Magic Eraser, made from melamine, to clean eggs from their hen house. As I recall, melamine has been implicated in pets’ and children’s deaths when Chinese products introduced melamine into the food chain. I suggest you check this out on the internet. Also, please let people know that plain water is the best agent for cleaning chicken eggs. Egg shells are permeable and people do not like eggs flavored with poop, soap or, worse yet, melamine. I break hard-to-clean eggs into a dish for my chickens. By the way, my polite ladies do not eat eggs in the nest, only broken ones in their feeding plate. Thanks again for a readable, informative article. Nancy Watson, Norway.

Think what you want about the tip. I remain troubled by chickens who dine on their own offerings.

Lewiston to halt curbside spring cleanup

It’s going to be a pretty bleak Christmas in my family next year, that’s for true.

Comparisons are odorous

Got this e-mail at the start of the week and I’ve got to tell you, I’m pretty excited. That last line? Poetry.

Hi, I’m a Russian bride! To be loved is to live forever in someone’s heart. A single and good-looking Russian girl is waiting for an honest, loving and caring man. Welcome to my profile! Comparisons are odorous.

Corey Haim is dead

And with him, part of the 1980s we all sort of remember. I know a man who was an extra in Haim’s 1986 film “Lucas.” He wore a black arm band all day Wednesday. Corey Haim is dead. Somebody should check on Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald stat.

Garciaparra to retire as Red Sox

Which is good news for a tiny street in downtown Lewiston. Having a Nomar Street named after a petulant, sulky Chicago Cub would just be embarrassing.

Lewiston hosting youth summit

That’s right, kids from other parts of the county are coming here to behold all the glitter and goodness that is Maine’s second-largest city. I mean, who needs Six Flags, right? Drop the youngins off on Bartlett Street with an all-day pass and let them learn while they have fun. Next stop: a 28-day tour of the rehab facility. Weeee!

And now, a public service announcement

Contrary to popular rumor, if you ride a bicycle with a motor attached to it, you DO need a valid driver’s license. This was pointed out to me by a Lewiston cop who has noticed more and more of the souped up bikes buzzing bee-like down local streets. Frankly, I think the riders should be required to carry pharmaceutical licenses too, because every time I see a pedal bike going 35 mph past my house, I feel like I’m having an acid flashback.