Talk of the town: I promised I wouldn’t cry


Bad to the bone

Gun play Friday on Ash Street in Lewiston. I showed up on my dual sport just as a half-dozen cops were descending on the area. A crowd of onlookers was not far behind them, and one dude gave me the old head shake when I arrived. “Boy, you really got a lot of nerve driving that street bike on the road with all these cops around.” I started to tell him that my bike is perfectly legal on the road and then decided against it. Let him think I’m a brazen outlaw. It’s better for street cred.

Potty mouth

By the way, “nerve” is not the word the dude used in that sentence. I cleaned it up for our younger readers.

Fenced in

There’s a new fence around the gazebo in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park. You’ve got to wonder, is it there to keep people out? Or to keep whatever lives in the gazebo in? (Note to multimedia editors. Place horror movie music here. I’m thinking “Psycho?” Maybe lay Jamie Lee Curtis screams over it? Wouldn’t hurt to write the headline in a bloody font, either. I’ll leave it to you. Thanks for all you do.)


I know I say this every year, but this has been the shortest summer in the history of the planet and I totally want a refund. Seriously, how long was July? Four days? Five? There’s something weird going on with the earth’s rotation and I demand an investigation.

The beast is back part XIV

I didn’t get the monster saga I was looking for out of an Incident in Greene earlier in the week, but hope springs eternal. Here’s a note from somebody who lives near Hannaford in Lewiston. It was written in the spring. I’d be all over the case like fleas on a chupacabra if I could remember who sent it. “So I am sitting on my porch and I hear this rustling in the woods surrounding my back yard. I glance up and see a few trees start to shake a bit and the noise gets louder and more aggressive sounding. I stand up and walk to the railing (I live on the second floor) and suddenly the wood erupts with screaching wailing and growling… out of the woods emerges a creature of some sort, the likes of which I have not seen before. It was the size of a mid sized dog, with an arched back, slender legs and a long pointed face. The tail was long, thin and down its back it looked like segmented plates similar to an Armadillo. It was snarling and growling low and deep. It ran across the lawn down the drive and across the street back Into the woods. It was followed buy a racoon who chased it a ways and then turned back. Out of the woods that this creature entered, a doe came scurrying and headed in the opposite direction. … I am vexed to say the least. Now I am hearing the oddest sounds from the woods.”

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