Taurus: Focus on what’s best for you


CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Corey Feldman, 36; Barry Sanders, 39; Michael Flatley, 49; Bess Myerson, 83.

Happy Birthday: You need a change in your life. Your attitude took a turn last year but, your lifestyle didn’t keep up, so it’s important to rethink your future. Job changes look surprisingly good as do advancement, romance and relying on your memory and knowledge to get you where you want to go.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You may not have been ready to make a change in the past but now you are, so reassess. Money is heading your way and an opportunity to set the record straight will help to determine your next direction.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Someone may feed you a line or try to influence a decision you have to make. Beware. You have to do what’s best for you. Focus on how you can make your home life better, not your social life.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You may be forced to make changes if you allow someone to control you today. You can’t give in and expect to win. Don’t let your heart rule your head. A partnership can be good but only if it is equal.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Keep a secret and you will give yourself the advantage with a deal you are involved in. Don’t make a change for the wrong reason. Stick it out and see what happens.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): It appears you have a lot on your plate but, if you don’t go overboard, you can complete all tasks on your to-do list. Social activities are likely to cost too much and should probably be avoided if you don’t want to feel pressured.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Keep a low profile. Money can be made if you are smart. Changes at home may not be welcome by everyone but, if they will help you keep your checkbook in good order, proceed.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Someone will come to your rescue. You may not be thinking clearly yourself but, once you are reminded of what’s at stake, you will sing a different tune. Friends, relatives and neighbors will all play an important role today.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You may be looking for closure in some areas of your life but it won’t be that easy to pick up and leave. Your emotions will fluctuate with the stories you are being told. Find out for yourself if you don’t like what you are hearing.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Travel, intrigue and all the things that keep your imagination flowing and your life interesting are unfolding before your eyes. Before you decide to jump in with both feet, consider the people involved and who is and who isn’t on your side.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Money can be made through investments, real estate or even cash you loaned someone. Focus on love, legal issues and what you must do to secure your position. A change is evident. You can come out on top with effort.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You may feel as if someone is trying to push you into something. Back away if you aren’t 100 percent sure of what to do. Now is not the time to get angry but rather to observe what everyone else is doing.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Consider what is required of you and you will know which route to take. In the long run, the deal being offered will lead you in a most unusual direction that will prove valuable in ways least expected.

Birthday Baby: You are bright, capable and in control. You are determined, stubborn and totally dedicated when you want or believe in something. You are a good friend and companion.