Tax bill: Reform or deform?


“Reforming” taxes, according to Webster’s Dictionary, would be amending or improving them. It seems to me that the president and the congressional majority are instead “deforming” taxes, which means disfiguring/making hideous or monstrous.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only two percent of Americans say that taxes are one of the most important problems facing the country, and a majority of Americans are opposed to the current tax bill.

It is not complicated — when you are in a hole, stop digging. The deficits the nation is running up are unsustainable and, eventually, there will be dire economic consequences, not the least of which will be the burgeoning interest cost on the soon-to-be even more-accelerating deficit. Most elected officials will not have the stomach to make the level of cuts necessary to rid the country of those big annual operating deficits.

Congress should be raising taxes, making cuts where it can, and funding the Internal Revenue Service adequately so it can properly enforce the tax laws. As much as people hate the IRS, such spending would more than pay for itself.

Major legislation that is not bipartisan and not adequately and very publicly vetted is the result of Congress swinging from one extreme to another, like a pendulum, with more attention paid to partisan gain than public benefit. Eventually the pendulum is just going to fly off.

That needs to stop. The future of the country depends upon it.


Richard Whiting, Auburn

  • FrankE

    CAUTION!!! This is but the first step in the elimination of any semblance of a safety net for this country. As soon as the celebrating is over the House Republicans will be on a mission to “reform” (eliminate) Social Security and Medicare, along with Medicaid for good measure. This has been a lifetime dream of Paul Ryan, why he hates the poor so much, I don’t know. He has however already put his cross hairs on what he refers to as entitlements.
    Back in 2004 when I first noticed symptoms of a disease that would eventually rob me of my ability to work, I was only 43 years old. I had a great career, great pay and benefits. When I became disabled, all that changed. I took an immediate $60K dollar cut in pay per year. and lost my health insurance. Fortunately I had company supplied long term disability insurance. That insurance got me by, long enough to be put on Social Security and Medicare. I was lucky I had that buffer in between becoming sick and qualifying for SSDI. Many people don’t even have that. Where would I be if SSDI wasn’t an option for me. I would probably be just as sick as I am now and living in a shelter. Once you can’t work, the world closes in on you. If the Republicans get their wish and reform (eliminate) SS and Medicare, than many people in my shoes will wind up institutionalized and we all know what that will cost the tax payers. I don’t even want to imagine what this will do to the elderly. Problem is Paul Ryan doesn’t plan on what will happen either. Don’t forget, he’ll never need Social Security or Medicare, so why should he care?????????