Tax the working class


On June 8, the voters of Maine will have the opportunity to repeal the new tax bill passed last year by Maine Democrats.

I write to urge that Democrats, Republicans and Independents vote “yes” on Question 1, to stop this latest attempt to tax services here in Maine.

This specific proposal not only taxes auto repair labor charges, meals and some telephone services, it also eliminates many of the most basic deductions enjoyed by average Maine working people. Deducting the interest on home mortgages, health care costs and property taxes remain as important deductions to middle- and lower-income taxpayers.

Despite the fact that the ballot question itself is poorly worded and that some are arguing that the new law would lower the income tax, I disagree, and believe that any temporary decrease in the income tax would be just that — temporary. Meanwhile, the new sales tax increase on labor and services would be permanent and would mostly tax the working class and lower-income taxpayers.

On June 8, we must stop the labor/service tax.

Charles Webster, Farmington