Taxes everything but the air


The fear mongers are at it again. They are once again trying to convince us that a “yes” vote on Question 1 raises taxes. The only people raising taxes are members of the Maine Legislature.

Question 1 repeals the law passed by the Legislature that rewards the rich and hurts lower income Mainers. Aren’t the Democrats supposed to be the party of the common man?

The new tax law expands the sales tax to include everything but air, and they would tax that if they could. If Question 1 fails, expect to pay sales tax when you go to a movie, get a haircut and on labor charges for just about any service you have performed. If you have the oil changed in your car you will not only pay the $5 state fee that was recently passed, you will pay an additional sales tax on the labor.

Their new tax scheme also raises the meals tax for an industry that is already reeling from the current economy.

When has the Maine Legislature ever cut taxes? Elected officials are trying to convince people that their new tax law cuts taxes. It only cuts the income tax rate for the highest income earners.

The sales tax already charges tax on more items than the Massachusetts (Taxachusetts?) sales tax. Maine already charges sales tax on clothing and many food items that Massachusetts doesn’t.

On June 8, I will say no to more taxes and vote yes on Question 1.

Alan Osborn, Hartford