Teacher is dedicated and caring


The suggestion by some that Tina Vanasse should be fired or severely disciplined came as a shock to me. In my opinion, she is one of Auburn’s finest teachers. I have known her professionally for at least 25 years – and have been in awe of her dedication to her students. She has gone beyond the call of duty so that she can continue to bring the best in math education to the students at Edward Little High School.

I have also known her on a personal level for those 25 years. I know her to be a deeply caring person to her family and friends. Anyone who knows her knows that she has a strong value system and she is not afraid to speak up on issues that affect students or her family and friends.

To speak from her heart as she did does not in any way detract from the quality of her teaching. I wish I had been so lucky as to have had a teacher as passionate about her calling as she is.

Judy Webber, Auburn