Teacher seeks sturdy sliding sleds


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I teach kindergarten in Phillips, and we have a wonderful place for our children to slide during recess. However, with so many children using them, we are having trouble finding plastic sleds that won’t break easily.

Do you or any of your readers know of any place that might sell a heavier plastic sled that two or three children could ride on together? — Margaret Huff, 207-639-2909 (school), 207-684-3151 (home)

ANSWER: Sun Spots does not, but surely readers will. Some may even have old sleds they are no longer using and would be willing to donate.

Does anyone remember the old aluminum sledding disks? Sun Spots had those as a child, as well as the traditional wood toboggan. It seems unlikely that aluminum will ever again be cheaper than plastic.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Our church is starting a puppet ministry. We have a few puppets but surely could use more.

If anyone out there has a puppet that they would like to donate, please call me. I will take torn one, old ones, animals, etc. Thank you. — T. Robert, 207-782-4673

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read your column every day.

I was a patient at Marshwood and left behind a box of Christmas cards with two daily planners and pictures within the box.

If anyone finds them, please call me at 207-946-5579. The planners and pictures mean a lot to me.

I was in the Carter Section, Room 10, Bed 2, on Nov. 23, so someone should have found them after that.

I also lost a red pocket pouch that hangs around your neck at SeniorsPlus around March 23. It held duplicate photos from the missing Christmas card box, handicap tag and many more items.

Thank you. — No Name, No Town, 207-946-5579

DEAR SUN SPOTS: May I read an obituary for Ethel G. Fitzgerald who died on Dec. 28, 2004? Thank you. — Ellen Wolf, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots found an obituary for Ethel that appeared on Dec. 28 saying she died Dec. 22. It is extremely brief, but you can read it at sunjournal.com/node/321441.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know what happened to the G.M. Pollack at the Lewiston Mall? Pollack is no longer at the Maine Mall either. Thank you. — Debby Mansur, [email protected]

ANSWER: All that Sun Spots could find out was that they closed, probably in July. Corporations usually don’t like to publicize closings, and no reason was offered. The poor economy was probably a factor.

Last week the G.M. Pollack store in Portland moved from the mall to next to Dick’s Sporting Goods (near Friendly’s by the mall). Sun Spots found conflicting information as to the exact street address, but the phone number is the same (207-773-2901), so you can call for directions.

The stores in Augusta (Turnpike Mall, 20 Whitten Road, 207-622-1632) and Topsham (11 Winner’s Circle, 207-729-1671) are also still open.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Feb. 11 you ran a post from Judy Kuhn regarding organ music. The only contact information published for Judy was an email address, which is invalid. I have tried twice to email her.

Did Judy provide you with any alternative contact information? I am very interested in this organ music. Thank you. — Debbie Greim, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots tried sending Judy an email, and it did not come back, but she did not answer either.

Sun Spots does not routinely include phone numbers, but Judy did not ask that it be left out and she’s in the phonebook, so here it is: 207-364-7142. Good luck with that music.

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