Teachers pay for retirement


I would like to thank the Sun Journal for publishing Phillip Webber’s letter April 7. He brought something to my attention that is very exciting. He stated that Maine’s teachers don’t contribute “a nickel” toward their retirement, and are given a free pension. This is wonderful news for all educators across our great state.

Upon inspection of my last paycheck, I noticed that along with the usual deductions, there was one good-sized amount that went directly to the Maine State Retirement System. Have I been paying that deduction all these years when I didn’t have to? If I do the math and multiply that deduction by 19 years’ worth of paychecks, I must have a huge refund coming to me from the Maine State Retirement System.

Please, I beg of Mr. Webber, before he again attempts to inform a huge population of subscribers about Maine’s teachers and their benefits, would he kindly do his homework?

His letter was humorous, at best, but packed with misinformation.

Rebecca W. Kerr, Rumford