These teachers are special


As the end of this school year draws near, we need to remember some of the most important people in children’s lives: teachers.

It seems as though, what with the battle over school funding, the No Child Left Behind controversy, teacher salaries, etc., we’ve forgotten the true essence and pure importance of teachers.

I would like to recognize special education teachers, the most underappreciated population within the school system. I know of many people who think of special education teachers as baby sitters, not real teachers, or teachers who just watch the kids who don’t want to behave.

Being the husband of a special education teacher, I have learned differently.

They put their hearts and souls into working with the children who can’t read, while teaching them how to. They work with the kids who have been shunned and give them confidence and hope.

My wife gave a little boy a voice. Literally.

I’ve heard of many regular teachers who use the same lesson plan or plan book for decades (yes, decades). Special education teachers, while they may write out a lesson plan, need to be prepared to throw it out the window on any given day, because they have no idea what might come their way.

Jeff Kochis, Farmington