Teen attacked by pit bull


RANGELEY – Police say a Dallas Plantation teenager was attacked by a pit bull and bitten several times while baby-sitting at a local home Saturday night.

The dog’s owner, Jamie Sargent of Grandview Avenue, was issued a summons on a civil violation of keeping a dangerous dog, Rangeley police Chief Dennis Leahy said Wednesday.

The 13-year-old girl was baby-sitting Saturday night when the adult male dog became aggressive, Leahy said. It bit her once and when she tried to escape, the dog pinned her against a wall in the stairwell and continued to bite her, he said.

He said the girl escaped the dog by running upstairs, which is what Sargent had told her to do if the dog came after her because the dog wouldn’t follow. It didn’t, Leahy said.

The girl was taken home, and later a NorthStar Emergency Medical Services ambulance took her to a Farmington hospital for treatment. She had numerous puncture wounds, Leahy said.

The dog was up to date on his shots, he said. A rabies certification was provided.

Sargent was unavailable for comment Thursday.

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