Theft ring member convicted, sentenced


PARIS – A bizarre shoplifting case involving a ring of thieves who stole more than $11,000 in DVD movies from the Mexico Wal-Mart last August and sold them at yard sales was recently finalized.

Oxford County Superior Court Justice Robert E. Crowley sentenced Jarrett Rossi, 31, now of Windham, to 2 years in jail and two years probation on May 15 after Rossi pleaded guilty to a reduced felony theft charge, court records show.

Like the two other convicted members of the ring – Wendell L. Gildard, now 42, and Tammy J. Blanchard, 34, both of Naples – Rossi was ordered to pay $5,000 restitution to Wal-Mart.

Additionally, Rossi and Blanchard were banned from Wal-Mart, but Gildard’s court records weren’t clear about whether he is banned from Wal-Mart.

Blanchard and her boyfriend of eight years, Gildard, who pleaded guilty to the same reduced felony theft charge on March 23 in the Paris court, were each sentenced to five years in jail, with all but six months suspended. They are scheduled to be released on Sept. 27.

Both will also serve two years probation, as will Rossi.

The trio was charged by investigating Mexico Patrolman Michael Richard with targeting the Mexico Wal-Mart store, which closes at 10 p.m., on three nights just before closing in August.

According to Richard’s Aug. 26 initial report in Gildard’s court file, Gildard, Blanchard and Rossi were recorded on Aug. 23 on store surveillance tapes as filling shopping carts with DVDs, concealing them under T-shirts, stuffing the movies into camouflage duffel bags, placing the bags outside the Lawn and Garden Department fence outside the store, leaving the store, and retrieving the bags.

Wal-Mart security alerted Richard three days later that the trio had returned to the store, and was seen repeating their actions, Richard stated in his report.

However, the police presence reportedly spooked Blanchard and Rossi into leaving their two carts full of DVDs, electronic items and clothing behind in the infants’ and men’s departments while they scooted from the store, Richard stated. The goods were valued at $3,175.

Gildard was detained by Richard.

On Oct. 12, an Oxford County grand jury indicted Gildard, Blanchard and Rossi on the same Class B felony charge of theft by unauthorized taking. The charges were later amended to Class C felonies.