Therrian exhibits at St. Mary’s gallery


LEWISTON – Work by acrylic artist Melanie Therrian is on display through Sept. 4 in the Beeaker Gallery at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Therrian was instructed in many mediums. In her late teens she discovered acrylics, became a self-taught acrylic artist and everything, including walls and furniture, became a canvas.

In her early 20s she began to paint for others. She put their visions on canvas, painted decorative features and murals on their walls and designed an awning for a restaurant.

Painting for her clients helped Therrian “delve into what I may not have otherwise tried.”

Therrian said she does not have to look far for inspiration.

She takes photographs of the beauty around her and turns them into paintings.

She also enjoys capturing the beauty of ancient monuments, artifacts and people as well as creating her own worlds.

Many artists have inspired Therrian, especially Frida Kahlo, a Mexican surrealist and realist painter who died in 1954.

“I love seeing with an artist’s eye. When I study the subject I am about to paint I notice even more the wonderful beauty and mystery in something as simple as an unfolding flower or a turning leaf. I feel I would have missed out greatly on the wonders of the universe had I just stopped for a second to smell the flowers instead of pondering them.”

Therrian can be contacted at [email protected] or visit /vzevk3ug.