Think globally, act locally


I am a student at Bates College, and am currently enrolled in a class called “Climate Change and Public Policy.” This class is opening my eyes to the issues surrounding global warming.

The Maine Legislature will soon consider joining the “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative” that will develop a regional cap and trade system decreasing global warming pollution from power plants. This program would be very similar to the sulfur dioxide system that is already nationally used. RGGI is a market-based system that would cap power plants emissions. This flexible program would make industries become more efficient and, in turn, lower the prices of energy because of decreased demand. This new program would also spur new technologies, creating new jobs. It is important to reduce power plant emissions because they are some of the biggest sources of pollution in our country, and the second highest source of global warming pollution in Maine.

We must think globally, and act locally. We must tell our government representatives what we want from them – support for RGGI and lowering global warming pollution from power plants in the Northeast region.

Alison Neubauer, Lewiston