What were they thinking?


I wonder about the mental state of some folks here in Maine. We still have winter here, and most likely there is still some snow way up in Bangor. Yet in the newspaper there was a photo of two young women, half naked, sitting on the sidewalk for the Animals Rights Act.

Then there was another story about an exotic snake found in Saco. Well, Eve got tangled up with the serpent snake and was totally naked.

Now, that critter was from Africa, and is also an animal that would feel pain, right? Turning it lose in the woods here in Maine in the winter is cruel, too. But there was no concern for the owner’s fellow man. I wonder what would happen, had the snake been alive, if it had bitten another person who came along, or a little child? Children are very curious and many don’t obey their parents. The owners also didn’t obey the law here in Maine about having such a snake, a viper.

I think the gray matter is not working right because we have such cold weather here, and down South it is so hot, and people do likewise.

Let us now consider and return to true values — what all their ancestors came to this county to do — worship the Lord and live in peace and freedom. True freedom is found only in heaven. Look at the night sky. The stars stay where our Lord put them and obey, but we humans are given life and wisdom to know what is right and what is wrong.

Heidi Weber, Dryden