Thoughts to consider


Since the March 21 health care reform vote, many people are using fear tactics to keep us from moving on. Here are a few examples with clarifications:

The government is forcing me to have insurance.

How are you forced to have what most people want anyway? How many people are without insurance because they don’t want it? Most people go without because it’s either too expensive on their own or their employer does not offer an affordable plan. Ask those who claim they really don’t want or need coverage if they can guarantee that they will never be sick or hurt and require medical attention. Good luck.

Government will dictate the doctors I use.

Hogwash. Millions are on Medicaid/Medicare and that is not an issue at all.

We can’t afford it.

Estimates are that insurance premiums have risen almost 200 percent in the past 10 years. How much has your income risen in the same time? You’re right. We can’t afford it.

I have to ask who do the Republicans really look out for — the people who do not have access to affordable care, or the companies and corporations that put profits before all else? The Republicans use fear, such as the reform will be the ruin of the country, or forced on people, or socialism, etc.

Well, the sky has not, and will not, fall, despite the dire predictions of all the corporate-owned-and-operated Republicans.

Please note that word, socialism. How many of you support communist China and its economy?

Joseph Mailey, Auburn