Tiger Woods, the loser


It was not surprising, but predictable, that golfer Tiger Woods will retain his friend and caddy. Not unpredictable are remarks reported on ESPN that Woods will not allow any hecklers.

What is he  going to do?  Can he be any worse?

Just at a time when Woods wants redemption, he continues with a caddy that is as surly as he is.

A new caddy would be a start, to give some indication he wants an overhaul of his persona, including his approach to work habits on the golf course.

I was a big fan of his initially, then was turned off very quickly with his golf personality, or lack of.

I enjoy Phil Mickelson and others like him. I remember Payne Stewart (such a pleasant person), Arnold Palmer, Fuzzy Zoeller, Lee Trevino, the classy Gary Player … they made watching golf fun and that was, to me, more important than just watching a prima donna who doesn’t relate to people and is so absorbed in himself.

I couldn’t care less about his return. There are a lot of young, interesting players emerging who don’t have their noses in the air.

Andy Riordan, Lisbon Falls