Time to close the borders


Why are illegal aliens expecting citizenship in our country?

Also, they should be waving Old Glory instead of some flag from any other country.

If they are here illegally, they should be punished to the full extent of the present laws for being illegal. They could have asked for citizenship by legal means rather than just barging in here. Who says we want them anyway?

Our forefathers came here legally to start a new country. It is time to shut off our borders, as we all have to pay taxes to try to support all these extra people. Think back to the city of Lewiston a while ago. The influx of Somalis made it hard on the police department, schools and housing.

Illegal aliens from other countries come here and have children, qualifying the child for free medical and educational benefits.

It’s time this country closed its borders. It’s time we get some people in state government and in Washington who will listen to reason and not just fill their pockets with money.

Louise N. Wentzell, Rumford