Time to control our borders


This Congress is incapable of resolving anything as complex as the guest worker program and the open border disaster at the same time. We have to secure our borders and ports before we try to resolve the illegal immigration issue. Period!

An existing 1986 immigration law calls for fines on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Some say that enforcement of this provision of the bill alone would reduce illegal entry by as much as 75 percent. Sadly, it would be too much of a burden on employers to screen prospective employees and to collect taxes, so let’s allow them to break the law. After all, they are only displacing jobs for low income citizens, not God-fearing, over-qualified corporate Americans, by George! Why, local communities can easily absorb the costs for illegal immigrants’ emergency medical costs. And local taxpayers actually love the idea of hiring additional English language teachers, building new schools and hiring extra police.

Of course, the current proposed legislation includes another bone to corporations. It calls for increasing the number of visas for foreign technical workers who will accept lower wages for jobs downsized Americans are perfectly qualified and willing to do. Lastly, the bill doesn’t appropriate a cent for the thousands of enforcement personnel and the millions of dollars needed for high tech equipment to secure our borders. As “the most powerful nation on Earth,” you would think we could at least control who and how many people enter our country!

Norm LaFosse, Jay