Time-honored self-governance


I must respond to the May 2 letter by Seth Carey regarding the secret ballot initiative in Rumford.

Not only does Mr. Carey express a view of our town which is insulting to townspeople and counterproductive to the very concept of revitalization he purports to embrace, he seems to have little respect for “representative democracy” which is used throughout our country.

Referring to Rumford as a “joke” and “run down” will not help generate the kind of economic and social revitalization that our community and other Maine communities want to experience. Yes, we have buildings that need major repair and/or demolition; we are not unique in this regard. His rhetoric regarding the underclass is so polarizing and condescending. Does Mr. Carey think other communities are free of homelessness, addiction and criminality?

With all his negativity, perhaps Mr. Carey is unaware of new dynamic, caring, “movers and shakers” in our community. Could it be that the physical beauty of our town, the congeniality of its people and the great services attracted them?

Our current system works well. We elect selectmen who appoint town managers; they represent us and, hopefully, make decisions that are in the best interest of our town. If we don’t like their decisions, we do not re-elect them, or we have the opportunity to change some of their decisions at the annual town meeting in the light of day.

This is a reasonable approach, and I appreciate the Sun Journal’s endorsement of this time-honored and effective means of self-governance.

Walter Buotte, Rumford