Time for Maine to lead U.S.


We are on the threshold of a new year. 2007, hopefully, will bring us something to celebrate: peace, prosperity, health, happiness and security. Great promises all. We must bring these to fruition. How? That’s up to each of us.

I realize, as I age, that we must work at our intentions. My school motto was “Nothing without labor.”

My resolutions for the new year are but two. First is to cherish my family and friends, and, second, to do what I can to bring sanity to this crazy world we are living in.

The first is an internal affair, strictly my doing. As for the second: I’m urging our Maine delegation to do what they did during the base-closure episode. Work as a team. Our two Republican senators and our two Democratic congressmen can take the lead by forgetting political party and that aisle that sets them apart. Get to work immediately to get this country moving ahead. Working as a team, their responsibility is to save this country.

That cliche about “Letting George do it” has not worked.

It is time to use, “As Maine goes, so goes the country.”

Arnold Woolf, Lewiston