Time to make a stand


I have two things to say about Mexico’s budget this year. The first is that taxpayers must say “no” to it. The second is that if it should pass, who will pay the taxes?

Saying “no” will send the budget back to selectmen so they can come up with a lower amount, and then the town votes again.

I have viewed the 33-minute tape of candidates that Marjorie Richard did for Channel 7 and I feel that all Mexico citizens should watch it. Then they would be better educated and could make a better decision on who to vote for as selectman.

Homeowners’ taxes would go up by 1.5 mills if the budget is accepted, plus $66 more in taxes because of a $3,000 loss in the Homestead Exemption.

People should just say “no,” “no,” “no.” It is time to make a stand. Other towns have and they continue to run.

I attend most of the selectmen’s meetings and am tired of seeing one of them make a motion, one second it and then all  hands go up for a “yes” vote. We need some people who can think for themselves and make a stand for the people who elected them. Town Manager John Madigan is not even from our town, so why always say “yes” to what he suggests? He won’t have to pay more taxes, so why should he care?

Gary W. Coffin, Mexico