Time to recall Gleason


Give credit to the Auburn City Council trying to hold the taxes down. I do think we the voters of Auburn should have a recall of our mayor.

The mayor thinks that if you have property in Auburn you have all kinds of money to spend for taxes. I think he is living in another time.

People living on a fixed income are having a very hard time just to buy food and meds, plus oil. Now, some of our councilors and our mayor want to increase taxes. What is wrong?

The mayor of Auburn should let the council do its job, and keep his mouth shut. Keep out of it.

People who have moved in to our city for our education system say “don’t cut the school budget.” How about the people who were born here and lived here all their lives and payed taxes to the city all those years? Doesn’t that count?

If teachers in the system want to keep their jobs, let them start and teach 25 students per class. Stop being a buddy to the students. Teachers who teach demand respect and will get respect in return.

What will the mayor want next?

Watch him.

Reggie Emery Sr., Auburn