Times, they are a-changin’


Rumford citizens must ring in New Year with a resolution for a political shake-up. We have seen a shake-up happen in the national scene when Democrats took control of Congress because Republicans ignored the will of the people.

Three Rumford selectmen have ignored the will of the people by continuing to violate the town charter after a two-to-one vote by citizens supporting the charter. This defiance of the people has shaken the trust in the ability of the three selectmen to govern with integrity.

In the Sun Journal (Dec. 28) article on the passing of President Gerald Ford, Maine’s Gov. John Baldacci said: “He dedicated many years of service to open and responsive government, restoring the nation’s trust in the presidency and in the democracy on which this nation was built.”

Two Rumford selectmen, Mark Belanger and Arthur Boivin, should be credited for their continuing support of an “open and responsive government.” They have gained the trust of the people with their support for “democracy on which this nation was built.”

As Abraham Lincoln said: “…you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

Change is coming to Rumford politics during 2007, as there was change in national politics in 2006.

Tom Fallon, Rumford