‘To do’ list for Canton dam includes environmental assessment


CANTON — Terry Ann Stevens from the Department of Economic and Community Development office met with the Anasagunticook Dam Committee and the Board of Selectmen on Monday to discuss a checklist of items that need to be completed for phase two of the dam grant.

The town has been informed that a Community Development Block Grant of $500,000 has been put aside for dam construction after all phases of the application are completed.

Stevens said that getting the environmental assessment and hiring an administrator will be priorities and should be completed as soon as possible.

The main concern over the assessment is the fact that a tannery stood near the dam site over Whitney Brook, an outlet to the lake, from 1819 until 1976. The tannery burned in 1981. The tannery itself was downstream from the dam site, but an assessment of the entire area will be conducted.

 Stevens said officials will also be considering other factors in the assessment, such as if there are buried artifacts, water quality, soil erosion and fish.

The committee is made up of people from Canton and Hartford and the Lakeshore Association, which satisfies one of the criteria on the list.

There must be another special town meeting to let the people know what is happening with the dam. This will be held after several things on the list are taken care of.

Selectmen will meet Thursday, and Committee Chairman Malcolm Ray hopes they will be able to sign several of the papers on items that are completed.

Ray offered to be the liaison between Stevens and the committee. He said the next meeting would be Monday, April 5.