In this together


I wanted to pass along thanks to community leaders. Recently, a resolution expressing support for strong enforcement of trade laws was adopted and signed by the selectmen of the towns of Rumford, Mexico and Dixfield. Recognizing the importance of a fair and level field with our trading partners is a big part of securing good manufacturing jobs in small communities.

Having countries such as China and Indonesia illegally dumping coated paper in the United States, below the cost of manufacturing, is sending many good jobs overseas. We have also seen this illegal dumping with tires, steel, glass and other manufactured goods, all of which impact the manufacturing base at home.

We need to uphold the nation’s trade laws and keep jobs here in the U.S.

We make some of the safest and environmentally responsible paper in the world. We can compete in any global market, but we need the playing field leveled.

Having our community leaders react to these illegal dumping practices will only help our towns remain viable and stable. We need our representatives to do everything possible to maintain the economic health of our towns.

We truly are all in this together.


Thank you, area selectmen!

Deano Gilbert, Rumford

Local 2144 I.B.E.W. vice president