Toothless rhetoric


This is in response to Sen. Susan Collins’ guest column of July 8, which I read on

The good senator has finally come to the conclusion that has been reached by the balance of Maine’s representatives a few weeks prior: The war in Iraq is the top concern of her constituency. Although delayed, I applaud her acceptance that a new strategy is needed.

However, I believe that Collins’ wait-and-see approach to making a decision on Iraq is ludicrous. She (and perhaps the president) is the only person who is uncertain that the benchmarks for progress in Iraq will fail to be met.

Collins has once again attempted to placate the people of Maine with empty words. Statements such as, “Whether the Iraqis are meeting the required benchmarks will weigh heavily as we determine the future of our commitment in Iraq,” do not tell us anything of her intentions. She admonishes President Bush as failing, but has not committed to the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Every day, every minute, every second that Collins wastes with toothless rhetoric is another second, minute or day that our soldiers must fight for their lives.

It is time to hold Collins and her fellow members of Congress responsible. The public should demand that they vote as the voice of their constituents, and bring our brave men and women home.

Sheryl Ostrow, Bangor