Top 10: Windham’s win shakes upper echelon


1. Thornton 4-0 (Last week: 2)

Congratulations to Livermore Falls product Kevin Kezal on his 100th career win.

2. Windham 4-0 (5)

Well, 35-7 at Boulos Stadium sort of changed everything, didn’t it?

3. Bonny Eagle 3-1 (3)

Scots have been sensational since their early-season hiccup.


4. Cheverus 3-1 (1)

Would have been quite an accomplishment for that regular-season streak to reach 40-plus, with this schedule.

5. Brunswick 4-0 (4)

Dragons not bowling over Class B East, but still the clear favorite.

6. Marshwood 4-0 (6)

Hawks now the highest-scoring team in the state at 54.2 points per game.

7. Bangor 4-0 (7)

Rams survived one of those long road trips in 21-point comeback, overtime fashion.

8. South Portland 3-1 (9)

Riots’ offense broke out in big way against Noble.

9. York 4-0 (10)

Wildcats and Hawks could play twice now and just get it over with.

10. Winslow 4-0 (-)

Belfast provides moderate test for Black Raiders this week.