Top videos this week: INK for cancer, ice fishing derby, mountain bikes and more


Here are the top videos for the past week, in reverse order:

6. Not snow easy. Winter downhill mountain bike race at Lost Valley, Maine

Scenes from Sunday’s mountain bike race at Lost Valley in Auburn, during the Auburn winter festival.

5. Second Annual Taylor Pond Ice Fishing Derby 

Kids came to Auburn for the ice fishing derby Saturday. All benefits went to Health Smiles for ME, a nonprofit that helps Maine children get dental treatment.

4. The Franco Factor: A French Canadian genetic disorder can cause killer cholesterol levels in even the healthiest person

We took a look at the Ouellette family, for whom adherence to a healthy lifestyle is not an option. They have a genetic disorder, rare for most of America, but common among families with Franco-American ancestry, where their cholesterol-clearing system does not work correctly. Fruits and veggies, lots of activity, and regular cholesterol checkups are a way of life. 

3. ‘America has a heartbeat:’ Donations pour in for home heat

A New York Times article spurred the nation to warm not only homes in Maine but the heart of an oil company owner. After the article was published, donations flooded the office of Hometown Energy in Dixfield. We went to their offices to see how they were handling the flood of donations from around the country.

2. Rumford tattoo artists to donate proceeds from cancer-related tattoos

Jon Nisbet knows cancer. In the past 15 years, he lost 15 family members to cancer, including his mother, an aunt, an uncle and a grandmother. That’s why he suggested to the parlor owner to give a third of the proceeds from cancer-related tattoos to the American Cancer Society. We asked Jon to share his story with us. 

1. One killed, one critical after two-car crash in Auburn

A two-car crash on Super Bowl Sunday at the intersection of Minot Avenue and Allain Park claimed the life of an Auburn man and left an Arundel man in critica; condition. We went to the scene.