Total disgrace to the presidency


I am an independent who doesn’t support Hillary Clinton, but I can’t understand why anyone can support Donald Trump. My reasons:

• He “loves” the people he hires, then fires them;

• Separates innocent children from their parents;

• Daughter’s personal use of a cell phone for official business is OK;

• Debases women, morally and sexually;

• Multitude of lies (doesn’t know the new attorney general);

• Thinks he is smarter than scientists on climate change;

• Is friends with dictators (proven killers) while unfriendly with Canada and Europe;

• Wants to cut funding for Robert Mueller (wonder why?);

• Refuses to reveal tax returns;

• It’s “me” when things go his way but, if not, it’s Democrats’ fault;

• The truth isn’t the truth (what is with him?);

• Tariffs have cost many jobs at General Motors;

• People jailed who have lied for him;

• He’s the reason the economy is booming?;

• Fake news — fake guy.

He is a total disgrace to the presidency. How much more can we take during the next two years?

George Ferguson, Sabattus