Tote road is a treasure


Regarding Mark LaFlamme’s column about the recently posted privately-owned road he dubbed “a filthy shorcut … of mud, ruts and slop … to Topsham,” (April 18).

I speak, with our thanks, for the countless hikers, bicyclists, horse riders, skiers, runners, nature lovers and hunters. This old abandoned county road holds a special place in our hearts. With the generous permission of the owners, we respectfully use this land.

The recently posted “No Trespassing” signs serve notice to vandals with ATVs and trucks that their actions will not be tolerated. These drivers seek only to despoil, litter and render useless a working farm road. They are not welcome.

Sadly, Mr. LaFlamme, your feculent mind seems to lack the purview to appreciate the beautiful, sensual fecundity of spring in Maine. Your “filthy shortcut” is truly a rare treasure — an old country road replete with brooks, peepers, birdsong, lush growth and wonderful earthy smells. Perhaps you should stick to writing about the often mean streets of “Street Talk” and leave wholesome country roads alone.

Faye Brown, Lisbon Falls